EWA Sensors

EWA Sensors

EWA Sensors develops condition monitoring sensors for machines, with integrated Early Warning Analytics.

The sensors are real-time, autonomous sensors with fieldbus interface to PLC / Scada system.

We provide evaluated knowledge of the health and condition of the machine and provides warnings / alarms when action should be taken.

Our core areas lie in deep knowledge of robust sensor circuits, signal processing and algorithms.

Our focus is especially on dialogue and cooperation with customers, to relevant information becomes available in the most useful way

Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring is monitoring of a set of conditions in machines. It is used to recognize significant change to indicate the fault. When monitoring is done continuously and in real-time, it is possible to have actual status of a condition, and also following the fault development over time.



The uneven distribution of mass around a rotating axis, during rotation. This unequal mass will create a centrifugal force, resulting in force on the bearings, especially at higher speeds.

Reverse rotation

A machine can run in forward or reverse rotation. This can be due to a forced control or an unintended situation.


Electrical RPM

The desired rotation speed in RPM applied to the stationary part of the motor, the stator (the driver).

Rotor RPM

The actual mechanical rotation speed of the rotating part of the motor (the driven part).

Slip Speed

The difference between synchronous and asynchronous speed. Slip increases with increasing load, as it provides a greater torque on the shaft.


Duty cycle

Explain the share of machine operation time and machine stopped, for the last 24 hours.

Number of start/stops

Number of start/stops States how often the machines is started and stopped, for the last 24 hours.

Operation time

States the total machine operation time, for the last 24 hours.


Cavitation is the rapid creation and subsequent collapse of air bubbles in a fluid.


Monitoring of the skin temperature. Change in temperature can be an indication of motor fault or pump blockage.


Monitoring of the actual vibration level.

Vibration Level RMS

An energy level for the vibration, calculated from the spectrum in the frequency range from 10 to 1,000 Hz.

False Brinelling

False brinelling occurs when there is background vibration while the motor is not running.